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Zanzibar's Education

Zanzibar's Education

It's so funny when someone asks me “Do you have a pen?”

Because if I did, you would see me using it

People talk about the power of education

And if I'm honest, I wish I could taste it

They say that money equals education

But I've always been terrible at computation

What's it like to sit in those chairs?

To have books to carry as you climb the stairs?

What's it like to have knowledge waiting for you?

To have a teacher that cares?

They spend time giving you something

I'm not familiar with

What's the word? Evaporation?

Because that is what it is to us in creation

An evaporated opportunity, a privilege we weren't born for

We weren't deemed worthy for

Because of things I have yet to understand

What's it like to understand?

To know why the world is the way it was? Such a forewarning

Why the birds chirp in the morning

And why there is darkness despite how big the sun is

What's it like to hold a pen?

To be able to write when- ever you want

I imagine, if I ever get one, I have better be careful not to drop it so it doesn't break

Isn't that how it works or is that also fake?

Is it just as fragile as my voice

Or is it as always that I don't have a choice?

I wouldn't know

You see, maybe it's you who doesn't understand

Do you not see how the world plays on its own command?

How it's you who has the key

How despite everything,

It is you who writes the rules in every degree

What you choose to do with that is up to you

But all you've done is take this power, and you grew

I think we know enough to understand that change is not happening anytime soon

So no- I don't have a pen

But I know you do

So maybe you can stop avoiding the blame

And start giving this inequality act a name

Maybe you can finally rewrite the rules in this game

And give us a chance to play it

All the same.

Category: Human RightsWritten: Feb, 2023By: Eman Aldajah
Eman Aldajah

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