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The Olive Tree

The Olive Tree

As the cursed bullets whiz past the blood-stained sky,

And where the crimson- wounded sun burns with every battle cry,

Where the air is filled with blood-curdling sounds,

An olive tree stood firm on the ground

Where the bombs are fired away

Where the screams and shrieks of agony lay

There, in the sweet land where bravery is found,

An olive tree stood clutching the ground

Even upon death day and night

They're going to resist, they're going to fight

For God and hope truly did bound

Where the olive tree stood firm on the ground

As the night ends and the flag rises,

And trust me, upon all the sunrises,

There, in the holy, sacred land

Their strong roots will always continue to stand

For that brave tree in the distance that stood aground,

Did more, much more than just stand firm on the ground

Category: WarWritten: 2017By: Eman Aldajah
Eman Aldajah

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