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The Syrian Refugee

The Syrian Refugee

I don't understand

How a heart that loved so deeply

Can feel so empty

I don't understand

How a country you once called your own

Can feel so strange

I don't understand

How the world you once thought was warm

Can be so cold

I have nothing

Except for my memories to haunt me

My whole life in a rucksack

Its light weight crushing, crushing

Not even a glance from people passing me

I am invisible

To feeling and emotion

The whole world quizzical

I just want to drown in this ocean

I just don't understand

How the most important people in your life

Can be gone by a flash in the sky

I don't understand

How everything that made you who you are

Can disappear and change at the same time

I feel like nothing

A leaf in the wind

Once a part of something

Now alone, detached

With no direction

Or place to call home

I don't understand

How a life can once mean something

And then mean nothing

My heart is now numb

My eyes blind

To the colors of the world

Can't seem to shut down my mind

My hands can't seem to grasp

The key to the door we all think we know

My hands can't seem to clasp

The meaning of the world

They keep shaking

From the trauma of what they witnessed

You see, what I really can't grasp

What I fail to understand

Is what once was a beautiful world

Can become your worst nightmare, so fast

At the light signature

Of one man.

Category: WarWritten: May, 2022By: Eman Aldajah
Eman Aldajah

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