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Palestine, a country told it doesn't have the right to breathe

A country, if tried to use its voice would be as loud as the bombs that have been bombing its humanity

Palestine, a country if you aimed at its heart would miss because its heart is made up of the world, its people.

Every unified march a heartbeat

Its heart beats and keeps beating harder with every life fleeting

Palestine, a country born into bravery and courage, its eyes rivers of faith, its tears seas of strength

Palestine, its blood made up of resilience, its soul

Its soul made up of resistance.

Palestine, its smile made up of broken teeth, but it smiles anyway

Brighter and bigger with each passing day


Its ashes another reminder of what they are fighting for

Its broken houses another reason to fight for

Their right

Their space

Their voice

Their freedom

A word they will never let go of.

Palestine, a word that holds so much.

Palestine, its flag forever painted on its map.

Palestine, they tried to bury but forgot it was a seed.

Palestine, its existence as bright as the fire fired upon them

Palestine, its light they want you to condemn

Palestine, its faith stronger than ever

Its name written in forever.

Palestine, Palestine, Palestine

You will be free

Palestine, from the river to the sea

You will be free

You will see

You have the right to be

From the river to the sea

On the count of three

Your voice has always been the key,

Palestine, if we can only see what is and will be,

The reality is that this insanity,

The decree that forced you to live in debris

Is grounded in hypocrisy

Palestine, your bloodline continues to live on the frontline

Palestine, from the river to the sea

WE will be your voice

Until you're free.

Category: WarWritten: Oct, 2023By: Eman Aldajah
Eman Aldajah

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