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Merciless Rose

Merciless Rose

There is a Rose, the merciless one,

I name it such, because of its beauty.

The beauty, that makes the victim get hurt,

Whenever he wants to try it to carry.

The mesmerizing color and scent

Hypnotize to not notice the thorns.

The merciless rose, though innocent,

Causes bloodshed that no one does warn.

Torn hands, trying to catch and hold,

Turn by turn, the left, then the right.

What a rose is this, causing pain - untold,

Though innocent, a ruthless might.

What is the purpose of such essence?

The victim cannot comprehend.

The overwhelmingly compelling magnificence,

Though merciless, seems to not relent.

Category: RomanceWritten: 24/02/2024By: Muhammad Abdulhamidov
Muhammad Abdulhamidov

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